• Kristy O’Hara


    Kristy met her now husband as Industrial Engineering students at Georgia Tech. It was his dream to be an F-18 Pilot in the Navy and her dream to have a successful career. In 2016 when she moved to Virginia Beach, she brought her job as an IT Consultant with her. She has brought that career – over the course of 5 years and multiple promotions – around the world to include an international duty station in Iwakuni, Japan. She has set-out to bring that same career flexibility and growth to military spouses across the globe by proving time and time again that military spouses are not only dependents of their husband/wife as military terminology might indicate, but independent, adaptive thinkers that are valuable additions to any organization!

  • Meg Wilson


    Meg met her husband through Kristy while he was going through flight school in Kingsville, TX. His aspirations in the military meant a lot of uncertainty and her employer at the time did not see the value in taking that risk. So, upon moving to Virginia Beach, Meg started from scratch to find a new career. Substitute teaching proved to be the only job that embraced military spouses but there was no challenge, no growth and of course, no taking it with you when we eventually moved. Through hard work and a lot of networking, she found a remote position at a company that values the unique qualities military spouses have and provides growth and flexibility for a fulfilling career. Meg hopes to champion other military spouses that can take the remote workforce by storm.