• Quality Candidate

    People marry their intellectual counterparts. That holds true with Active Duty Service Members. 71% of military spouses have at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 34% of the general public. military spouses have a wide range of skills and are ready to bring those skills to your organization!

  • White Glove Service

    Through our network of 50,000+ military spouse professionals and our thorough screening process, we make the hiring process quick and easy for you. Long gone are the days where hiring took months. Contact Mutually Dependent to get quality candidates on your team today!

  • Reduced Hiring Risks

    Bad hires cost employers 2.5 years. Mutually Dependent gives our Employer Partners the ability to hire and fire quickly. We save 7.5x the amount of time a bad hire would typically cost through try-out projects that are proven to be mutually beneficial!

  • Workforce Flexibility

    We make it easy to scale your workforce up and down as your employment needs change. We are here to provide you the ultimate flexibility in employment services through a simplified process that gives you the time to focus on growing your business while we provide you the team to make it happen!